Discover caravans, cottages and mobil-homes that we provide for rental by the week or weekend (low Seasion)!


Mobile home can accommodate 5/6 people.

A main room, a kitchen, two separate bedrooms (sleeps 70, 140 cm)

Bathroom with toilet, TV, air conditioning, dishes provided



Sheets, covers not provided


A main room with kitchen, two separate bedrooms (sleeps 80, 90 and 140 cm), shower room with toilet, terrace. TV, dishes provided



Sheets, covers not provided


Caravans can accommodate from 1 to 5/6 people.

Tables, chairs, gas stove on table and fridge installed  in a pleasant auvant. Dishes provided 


 Pillows, sheets, covers not provided


Sanitary of campsite, not in the caravan


Come visit us at our flat campsite, in a tent, caravan or motorhome!

80 shaded or sunny places, according to your desires!

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